Welcome To

Washington Square West

A historic district with bohemian character.

Welcome to Washington Square West

A historic district with bohemian character

Washington Square West has seen many changes through the decades. Washington Square, the park on the ‘hood’s east side which provides its name, was one of the original five squares laid out by William Penn and later became a burial ground for soldiers. Now the area’s identity has broadened further to welcome everyone from stroller-pushing moms to antique hounds.

People tend to associate the City of Brotherly Love with history and a culture of openness and tolerance—both aspects are present to the highest degree in Washington Square West. Home to both lively nightlife and lovely little, shop-packed streets that will take you back to the 19th century, this neighborhood captures Philly’s personality like few places do.

What to Expect

Old-world elegance with a funky, fun edge

Washington Square West is home to Antique Row, which includes both the oldest hospital and the oldest theatre in the country, so the area’s hold on the past is unmistakable. But left-of-center owner-operated boutiques, street signs splashed with the rainbow flags, and a cluster of the city’s best eating maintains the hood’s fresh, contemporary feel. You’ll be hard-pressed not to find a good time here.

The Lifestyle

Shop til you drop—then get a meal at one of the city’s best restaurants

Duck into the tiny, Alice-in-Wonderland-esque pedestrian side streets to get lost in colonial times. Shop for a new home accessory at Beaux Arts Vintage or a homemade bar of soap at Duross & Langel. Grab an incredible meal at critically acclaimed restaurants like Amis, Vetri, or Barbuzzo. Then get in touch with your wild side at one of the district’s famous bars like Woody’s.

Unexpected Appeal

A haven for young families

Thanks to the presence of the excellent General George McCall K-8 school, Washington Square West is becoming extremely popular with young parents.

The Market

Look for two- to four-story rowhouses and a mix of condos and low- and mid-rise apartments

While the area is largely populated with stately rowhouses, you’ll also spot some beautiful Greek Revival architecture in Washington Square West. Condos on Spruce St. and Pine St. are quick to be snatched up.

You'll Fall in Love With

Living in an urban residential oasis joined by a tight community

The evocative beauty of Washington Square West creates a civilized hideaway nestled inside busy Center City. Thanks to a highly active neighborhood association, both retailers and residents are a tight-knit bunch with much invested in making the area as pleasant and inviting as possible. Hippies and sophisticates, artists and businessmen all call one-of-a-kind Washington Square West home.


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